Meet ROUTEAfricaTM

ROUTEAfricaTM alleviates the frustration of locating people or places by pinpoint the exact location in and around Africa. With this resource, business, personal or luxury meetings and travel become easily accessible.

Key Features

With this tool, business or personal meetings and travel become easily accessible. Locating landmarks and access to credible information is a resource highlighted in this app. The app is easy to use and requires minimum data or storage.
There is even an off-line version.


Restaurant location and reservations are possible.

Internal Map

Internal map with original ping photo or icon.


Office locations, businesses, appointments, and schedule tracking,

Traffic Notifications

Notification on traffic patterns, accidents, police activity and more.

Village Details

Village location, town hall meetings and contact person and address locator.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings integration.

The ultimate travel app for discovering hidden gems in Africa whether walking or in a vehicle.

The African travel app of choice and one stop shop for communication and logistics with real time location access, verified business and virtual addresses. Plan your trip with peace of mind in the region.

Easy to use.

  • Verified locations
  • Location of Nature reserves and places of interest
  • Reservations and bookings
  • Comprehensive trip planner
  • Save frequently used stops, share location, and leave review for other users, notified app users of traffic and accidents
  • Network access may be needed to use some resources

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